About Us

Learning Disability football has been active in the island since the 1990’s.  In 1999 the football team as well as other sports became affiliated with Special Olympics and have competed at 3 Special Olympics in Cardiff (2001), Glasgow (2005) and Leicester (2009) winning a silver in Cardiff, a gold in Glasgow and a silver in Leicester.

In 2008 GDFC was born.  GDFC has played against the likes of Everton, Arsenal and Southampton.

Being the only learning disability club on Guernsey we have to travel off island for competition and are always fundraising for this purpose.  We are very lucky to have a good relationship with our Jersey counterparts which gives us options to compete at just the cost of a condor boat fare and vice-versa.

We train 10 months of the year at Les Maingys Activity Centre in the sports hall.  During the summer when the schools close we train on delancey park.

Training is on Monday nights, we start at 7pm and end at 8pm.

We are always on the look out for new players and we accept players from 14 upwards.

If you have any queries or comments then please drop us an e-mail by clicking here.